April 21, 2012

New Album from Jiminy Finn and the Moneydiggers!

I'm pleased to announce the official release of the new album, "Campfire Carols," by Jiminy Finn and the Moneydiggers!


1. Into the Woods
2. Lo Que Sea
3. I Guess I Want To Be With You
4. I've Got to Write a Song Tonight
5. Yes, I'm a Music Snob (What of it?)
6. Universal Love Song
7. All Day Every Day (Beatmaster)
8. We're Sticking it to the Man, He Just Doesn't Know it Yet
9. How Happiness Destroyed My Band
10. Before You Came
11. Frankie's House
12. The Shameless Self-Promotion Song
13. Dennis
14. Hidden/Bonus Track: Paul Revere

Enjoy a few low-quality excerpts below to give you a taste for the goodness of this compilation. Of course, the actual tracks sound much better.

Buy it now for a mere $10 (+shipping), secured through paypal:

Check us out at facebook.com/themoneydiggers. We're just a couple of guys who are up to pure good. Started making music in the neighborhood. 


e.p. said...

hooray! congratulations, blair. and i like the cover art.

Blair Hodges said...

Thanks, e.p.! We kicked off our world tour in your backyard.

Nyal D (The Norway Kid) said...

Will you ship to me for a decent price? Or maybe a DL? I am in Europe.

Blair Hodges said...

We'll do our very best!

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