November 14, 2010

Bibliography of articles and presentations related to Mormonism by John Durham Peters

John Durham Peters is one of America's leading thinkers in the subject of communications. He has been called "a master wordsmith and a wonderful brain" and his work has been described as "witty, irreverent and intellectually daring." He's one of my favorite authors and thinkers. 

Peters is currently the A. Craig Baird Professor in communication studies at the University of Iowa. He is the author of two books: Speaking Into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication and Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition. This post is a bibliography of his works directly related to Mormonism. 

Articles and Interviews:

“Perfection: A Social Criticism and A Theological Alternative.” Sunstone 11.3 (1987): 20-4. [.pdf]

“'The Rhythms of Reflection': Review of Dennis Rasmussen, The Lord's Question," Sunstone 13.6 (1989): 49-51. [.pdf]

"Reflections on Mormon Materialism," Sunstone 16 (March 1993): 17-21. [.pdf]

“Bowels of Mercy,” BYU Studies 38 (1999): 27–41. [.pdf]

Ethan Yorgason, "The Gospel in Communication: A Conversation with Communication Theorist John Durham Peters." Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 40:4 (2007): 29-46. [.pdf]

Blair Dee Hodges, "FAIR Podcast, Episode 5: John Durham Peters, p.1." November 2010. [.mp3]

Blair Dee Hodges, "FAIR Podcast, Episode 6: John Durham Peters, p.2." November 2010. [.mp3]

Sunstone Symposium Presentations:

1980: "All or None Versus Sifting: Two Mormon Views of Truth,"  John Durham Peters, Thomas McAffee, (SL80026). [.mp3]

1981: "We Are All Enlisted: War As Metaphor in Mormon Thought & Ordinances As Metaphor," Stephen L Tanner, John Durham Peters, Mark D Thomas, (SL81022). [.mp3]

1985: "Perfection: An Analysis, Critique, and Alternative," John Durham Peters, Marybeth Raynes, (SL85026). [.mp3]

1991: "Community and the Atonement & Atonement As Compassion," John Peters, Blake Ostler, Arthur Bassett, (SL91161). [.mp3]


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